Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for holiday gift ideas? We asked our coaches, players, and parents what items they recommend. We have ideas across all levels and prices, so take a look.

Links and brands included for information purposes only.

No endorsement of specific vendors or brands is intended or implied.

Sport Socks - $5 - $20

Not just for lacrosse, but good for other sports too. Comfortable socks are an under-appreciated part of lacrosse gear and help make statement on the field. Lots of styles and colors to choose from.

“One can never have enough socks... Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair." - Dumbledore, Headmaster Hogwarts

String Kit - $10 - 40

The key to lacrosse is the stick, and the key to the stick are the strings. Restringing can take some practice, but with helpful videos anyone can learn to restring and fine-tune their rig just how they like it. You can get strings, mesh, or all of them together in a kit. Select specific colors to represent your team, or your individual flair!

“By learning how to string a stick, you learn the science of how the ball moves in a stick, and how the stringing effects the ball." - Alek Szmajda, Director at East Ave Lacrosse

Portable Bounce Back - $100 - 200

Having a good place to practice your stick work is great. Sometimes, when a friendly wall is not available, a bounce back will help you keep up a routine and improve with every session.

"Nothing better than hitting the wall" - Panchito Ojeda, VT Men's Lacrosse Coach, Founder 101 and 460 Lacrosse. 

Girls Lacrosse Gloves - $20 - $50

No one likes getting whacked on the hand! Gloves are good for both warmth and hand protection. You can find them in different styles and materials to suit your needs.

"I like them because they keep my hands warm and they help with stick hits" - M.K., NRVLC girls 13U

Gear Bag Deodorizer - $5- $10

Not every part of lacrosse is rosy - gear bags come to mind. Deodorizers like this gear bag ball hold up to repeated use and help fight the funk of sport sessions past.

"I really appreciate how these keep the gear bag and gear smelling better" - Everyone in the immediate area, or downwind.

Shooting targets - $30 - $50

Shooting practice is a lot more fun with something to hit. Lacrosse shooting targets come in many shapes and sizes, and most are mounted to a goal easily. These targets are sturdy enough to hold up to lacrosse balls and increasing shot velocity as your player gets older.

"This makes shooting practice more fun" - R.K., NRVLC boys 14U

Lacrosse Shoe Charms -$5

I don't know what it is about these shoes but people like them, and they will like them more when personalized with lacrosse charms! Lot's of designs to choose from.

Portable Gear Rack - $50

This portable gear rack will hold every piece of equipment to allow for drying between practices and games. It is portable and adjustable to fit all gear types. An especially great item for players who travel.

"Drying gear is important for longevity and controlling odor, and this rack is about as simple and effective as you can get." - Scott Klopfer, NRVLC President

Mouth guard - $15 - $25

With all of the other equipment used in lacrosse to keep players safe, the mouth guard may get the least attention. Mouth guards are a critical piece of safety gear, and they only work if the kids keep them in. That is why having a comfortable mouth guard is critical, and there are several models to choose from that allow you to mold (and re-mold) them to fit. It is also a good idea to have a spare because if you lose one during a game, or to and from, you can't play. Get one with a case and keep an extra in your bag.

"I don't like having to tell a player they cannot play because they don't have their mouth guard, and I really don't like having the team take a penalty because a player wasn't wearing it!"

NRVLC Apparel- $5 & up

Show your support for NRVLC this season with a club hoodie, t-shirt or shorts. When a friend asks you about lacrosse, talk it up and tell them where to find us! Check out our team stores for boys and girls.

Lacrosse Water Bottle - $10 - $20

Lacrosse is hard work, and hard work required hydration. Players need a water bottle that is easy to use when drinking with a mouth guard and/or a facemask.

Cool Shorts - $20 - $40

Lacrosse is fresh and cool, and there are lots of interesting designs and colors for shorts out there. These are great for practice wear, and let your player rock the style that gives them confidence. There are too many patterns and styles to show here for girls and boys, but a simple internet search will allow you entry into a magical world of lacrosse shorts fashion!

GloveStix- $29.99

Eliminate odors and bacteria in your gloves or cleats with GloveStix. Extend the life of your lacrosse gear while keeping things smelling fresh. Your parents will thank you!

Lax Jewelry- prices vary

Hand crafted jewelry for the lacrosse player in your life. Beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, and more sure to make your loved one smile this holiday season!

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